Companies that want to comply with globally accepted food standards need Food Safety and Sanitation management software to be more systematic and benefit from technology at the highest level. This software (Qualiqo) we have developed helps to plan the hygiene and sanitation processes in the factories that produce food and control, monitor, measure, and evaluate these processes.

Companies that keep track of food safety on paper or in Excel lose time entering the data and need physical storage to archive the paperwork. In addition, it is difficult and slow to access the data instantly, and finding the data leads to a lot of labor loss. This comes back to the company as a loss of manpower and time. Thanks to Qualiqo data can be accessed quickly and from anywhere. Companies can get their reports in real time from any platform (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.). 

Qualiqo primarily enables companies to increase the visibility of the Sanitation department, increase compliance with written programs and instructions, standardize end-application validation processes, prepare easy target and efficiency tables, inventory control, team training, and management.

Companies that use this application for this purpose ensure that they take proactive measures to improve compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality, training, reporting capabilities, and quality operations.